Santes Dwynwen

For Santes Dwynwen and Valentine’s Day, send a little extra love from Wales…

Welsh Lady Gift Box (£16.00)
Prettiest box of vanilla shortbread Welsh Ladies filled with pretty little hearts.

Welsh Lady Letterbox Greeting (£4.50 + £2.50 postage)
a single Welsh lady with a trio of hearts, click here to order this option from our letterbox under £10 range

Pretty Heart Biscuit Greeting (£4.50 + £2.50 postage)
A beautiful large heart with iced lace detail. click here to order this option from our under £10 /Letterbox range

Love ‘Ewe’ (£4.50 + £2.50 postage)
fluffy gingerbread winter sheep biscuit with a few hearts

Love from Conwy Gift Box (£18.00)
Featuring the smallest house, a castle turret and Welsh lady, (mixed box includes gingerbread and vanilla biscuits)

Love from Llandudno Gift Box! (£18.00)
A fun, unique box featuring our cheeky shortbread Great Orme goats and pretty, iced hearts




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