Sweet, elegant gingerbread biscuits

Sweet Snowdonia’s Gingerbread biscuits are thoughtfully designed and decorated in a distinctive visual style using minimal royal icing to allow the biscuit and its flavour to prevail both visually and for the best sweet taste! Shop online to select one of our biscuit boxes for a special gift – a sweet thank you or a cheer-up gift, we have a range of handmade biscuits for every occasion (including gluten free or orange-vanilla biscuit versions). The gingerbread biscuits are carefully packaged and have a happy shelf-life of 2 months. 

Browse the entire collection to see our bespoke designs, created for local events and places and to celebrate the beautiful seasons and heritage of North Wales.

Many designs are custom made for businesses and events across the country such as weddings, graduations and anniversaries. Bespoke designs are fun to create and we look forward to hearing from you if you have something special in mind for your business or event!

Check back often to see our seasonal collections as they launch throughout the year for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas gingerbread Sweet Snowdonia’s gingerbread biscuits are well packaged, individually or in gift boxes to arrive safely in the post. Gluten Free gingerbread biscuits are always available.

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