Fun Halloween gift boxes.
send a little spooky cheer to your nieces, nephews, grandkids and friends during this half term and Halloween.

Bats & Bones (Classic Gingerbread Gift Box) £15.00
includes large bats, fun creepy crawlies, bones and a few hearts

Autumn Days (assorted box) £16.75
cute (and not creepy), this gift box includes our happy pumpkins, adorable owls, autumn leaves and hearts. A celebration of autumn and halloween in one sweet snowdonia box.

Spooky Boo (LARGE assorted Gift Box) £19.50
a large family box to share packed full with all of our Halloween designs (ghosts, pumpkins, bats, shimmery silver moons, stars and hearts)

Letterbox halloween options:
Cute Chocolate Pumpkin,
“Happy Halloween”
Vanilla Ghost
“Boo! I love you”
Spooky Gingerbread Bats
“Just for you”
Get me out of here! 

A) POSTED Letterbox Halloween Biscuits (£6.85 including postage) 
CLICK HERE TO ORDER letterbox biscuits: https://sweetsnowdonia.com/product/sweet-greeting/ 
These are sent individually to your recipient in a letterbox mailer

B) ADD any of the single packet(s) to your order, just select the £5 option below and we’ll tuck it inside your same order. Let us know in comments which one you would like.

Halloween Treats will be available for a limited time.
Order soon to send a little spooky cheer!







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