Biscuit Gift Boxes for Easter…

Easter Bunnies (£15)
An assorted gift box filled with pretty little gingerbread bunnies, shortbread easter eggs, hearts and clouds too! As always, 2 layers of biscuits in a sweet snowdonia gift box.

Spring Lambs & Flowers (£15)
A cheerful box of fluffly shortbread spring lambs and pretty daisies.

Easter Classic (£16)
Celebrate Easter with an elegant gift box containing the Holy cross, hearts and daffodils.

Pretty Easter Eggs (£15)
A selection of delicately iced Easter egg biscuits in pastel colours. This gift box includes an assortment of gingerbread, chocolate shortbread and our popular vanilla shortbread biscuits.

Easter Brunch Box (£24.50)
Perfect as a gift for a whole family to share, or for your Easter brunch gathering – this large box contains 3 layers and includes all of our Easter designs in one assorted gift box, plenty of shortbread, chocolate shortbread and gingerbread biscuits to share and enjoy.

Daffodils Gift Box (£13.50) click here to order a box of our popular daffodils biscuits, available in gingerbread or shortbread

Spring Tea Cups & Flowers (£15.00) click here to order a pretty box of spring blooms with tea cups, a lovely gift to send to Mum or Gran this Easter.

Biscuit Game: Eggs & Crosses! (£16)
An edible board game for a little fun during Easter Break!
Something unique instead of a chocolate egg – our tic-tac-toe game includes 24 mini biscuits (enough in the box to play twice and munch some too!). Take it along to the caravan, or send one to the grandkids, nieces of nephews. Let us know with a comment when you check out which version you would prefer:   A) eggs & crosses or B) bunnies & flowers

LETTERBOX EASTER BISCUITS  (Cheerful Chicks or Easter Egg Trio) click here
Send a smaller packet of biscuits instead of a card this Easter!
Postage is included and they are packaged to pop through the letterbox.

Daffodils Gift Box (£13.50) click here to order a box of our popular daffodil biscuits, available as a gingerbread box or a shortbread box. 

There are two layers of biscuits in all of our gift boxes.
We can add a personal message added to the gift tag for all orders.



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