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Fun Mug & Biscuit Gift Sets
All mug sets include a selection of gingerbread biscuits and a hot chocolate drink. If you prefer a vanilla shortbread biscuit, or a GLUTEN FREE OR VEGAN option, please message or email us and we’ll try to accommodate a mug set variation for you.

You’re a Star! (Gingerbread) £12.00
elegant grey mug with a gold star and gold handle, filled with a selection of star shaped biscuits, some of them designed & decorated to hang on the rim of the mug for a bright and cheerful cuppa! This mug set is generic, it can work for Christmas, and also for birthdays / thank you gifts all round (no christmas biscuits included in this one, just sparkly and decorated stars). Also includes a hot cocoa drink for a festive cuppa!

Festive Star (Gingerbread) £12.00
A perfect gift for office pals or teachers! Elegant grey mug with the gold star design, filled with a wintery selection of snowflakes and stars! Also includes some biscuits that will hang on the rim of the mug, and a hot cocoa drink for a festive cuppa!

Winter Forest (Green) £12.00
The green stag mug is filled with festive, christmas biscuits including snowflakes, christmas tree and red white and green heart biscuits that hang on the rim of a mug. A hot cocoa drink is also tucked inside the mug.

Honey Bee Biscuits £12.00
For bee lovers (and Mancunians too) the bee mug includes elegant, hand decorated honey bee biscuits and hearts. Let us know if it’s a christmas gift and we’ll include a few snowflakes for the rim of the mug too! A hot cocoa drink is also tucked inside the mug.






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