Cymru / Wales

Send a little love from Wales with one of our gift box selections.

Love from Conwy (£16)
featuring the smallest house, Welsh lady, clouds, hearts and stars (mixed box includes gingerbread and vanilla biscuits)

Love from Wales  (£16 Classic /  £22 Large)
a gingerbread gift box featuring castles, daffodils and hearts.
For a larger gift box with more to share, we also offer a larger selection with welsh ladies and Celtic hearts added (£22)

Welsh Lady Gift Box (£15)
Prettiest box of vanilla shortbread Welsh Ladies filled with red and white hearts

Welsh Love Spoons (£12.50)
Our pretty box of hand decorated, gingerbread or chocolate shortbread Welsh Love Spoons are inspired by the traditional, hand carved spoons that have existed in Wales for more than 400 years. Available with classic brown icing, rainbow colours or red/pink. The best biscuit in our collection for dunking in your tea or coffee!

Welsh Rugby (£14.50)
A special box of rugby players for your favourite Rugby fan! The box is filled with hearts and stars too.

Welsh Football (£16.50)
Team kit for the football fan in your world! Includes the team shirt, logos, footballs and bobble hats. One of our most popular gift boxes!

Celtic Hearts (£9)
A sweet gift of celtic love! 8 shimmery silver celtic heart biscuits packaged with a silver bow.

Daffodil Biscuits (£11)
Available as Gingerbread or Shortbread, a beautiful box of daffodils with hearts tucked in the box too!

Letterbox biscuit greetings (£5.50 – £6.50)
Send a biscuit instead of a card! Choose from a range of sweet edible greeting cards to arrive through the letterbox! 
Gingerbread Castle (with Love from Wales), Shortbread Dragon, Llandudno Goats or more choices Click here



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